*No in-person service this Sunday, July 11*

Due to incoming weather, we are cancelling our in-person outdoor service this weekend. Join us Sunday at 11:00am at facebook.com/FieldstoneMilan and we'll see you back in-person next Sunday.

Note: We will be broadcasting the service from the Pavilion at 11:00. If you would like to join us in-person (Umbrella? Pop-up tent?), feel free! However, there will be no Fieldstone Kids rooms available and space will be limited under the Pavilion.

Summer: Outdoor Services

We are meeting outside at 11:00am each week as we complete some work in our Auditorium. Please keep an eye on this site and our social media accounts (@fieldstonemilan) for up-to-date information from week to week.

What to expect at Fieldstone

There's no way around it - some things are just different right now! But some things will never change! We are just as passionate about our mission to transform family trees with the Gospel, and this will always be a church that wants every experience to be life-giving for you and your family.

Scan below for what you can expect from our "respectful & balanced" approach to in-person services.

  • Respect & Balance

    Unfortunately those are uncommon words in our world today, but we believe it's what God has called us to live out as we return to indoor services. There are different opinions and a countless variety of approaches being taken by schools, businesses, families, and churches, but we know we can gather in a way that (1) takes a balanced approach to current events and (2) shows respect for those who may be feeling differently than you or I. And we need your help to create & maintain that culture!

  • What we are doing

    Our services include most "normal" church stuff (singing, preaching, etc.).

    A couple items of note:

    • As you arrive, our Connection Team will be waving and smiling, but they won't reach for a handshake unless you initiate it first.
    • The Auditorium chairs are still set up to help maintain distance between families.
    • We will not hand out any printed materials, but they will be available at our Info Center. We will also point you to the website and social media pages to find important announcements or fill out a digital Connection Card.
    • We will not pass the offering buckets. Instead, we have online giving options and a locked dropbox available at the Info Center.
    • Our Cafe is open, and the coffee is free & delicious!

    What about Fieldstone Kids?

    • Our Nursery & PreSchool rooms are open during both services.
    • Our Elementary rooms (K-5th) are open during the 9:15 service only.
    • Kids of all ages are always welcomed in the service, no matter what rooms are open or not.

    We recognize it can be a challenge to include young children in a church service, so you can expect lots of grace for the energetic kids! Please don't worry at all about a wiggly child, talkative toddler, or fussy infant.

  • What we're asking of you

    If you've been sick, stay home

    If you or anyone in your home has had an illness, please respect the health of others and enjoy the service on Facebook Live.

    Do what you believe is best for you and your family

    If you need more time before coming back to church, stay home and worship with us on Facebook Live. If you feel the need to wear a mask to protect yourself, please do so.

    Respect the needs & decisions of other families

    Everyone is processing and handling this season differently. There are many viewpoints, many sources of information, and many ways to operate as individuals & families. We ask that you practice understanding & patience as each family re-engages with church.

    If you're new to Fieldstone, we'd love to meet you!

    Our Connection Team won't force a handshake and they've been asked to maintain more distance than normal, but please feel free to initiate a conversation, especially if you have any questions. You can fill out a Connection Card at the Info Center, or simply scroll down and complete the digital Connection Card at the bottom of this page.

    Keep an eye on this website and our social media (@fieldstonemilan)

    As we progress through 2021 our guidelines and ministry plans will continue to evolve. We'll announce any changes from stage, but stay connected for updates online as well.

This Winter At Fieldstone

Sit Apart

Worship Together

Join us for services in-person or online

Christmas Eve

You're Invited!

Join us Christmas Eve for a family-friendly candlelight service

If you're new to Fieldstone, please know that our in-person services have been offered this winter with a "respectful & balanced" philosophy. If you choose to join us onsite, please read further down this page for more details on what you can expect when you arrive.

A couple quick notes for Christmas Eve:

  • Our Fieldstone Kids rooms will NOT be available, but we LOVE kids of all ages so there will be lots of grace for any fussy or fidgety little ones.
  • We will be lighting candles as we close the service with Silent Night. If you're watching from home, have some candles ready to join in!

What To Expect

As we pursue our mission to transform family trees with the Gospel, we believe church should be energetic, meaningful, and life-giving for the whole family. You can expect to be welcomed into a friendly, casual environment by people who are genuinely excited to see you. So come in, grab a free cup of coffee, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and see if this is home for you.

  • Walking In

    We know it can feel a little awkward when you visit somewhere for the first time, so our Guest Services team is dedicated to making sure you feel right at home. They will answer any questions you have and help you know exactly where to go. If you get to the Lobby and still need some assistance, head for the sign that says “Info Center.” Your family is in good hands!

  • Music & Teaching

    Our services last about an hour, are filled with high-energy, contemporary worship music, and you’ll hear an engaging Talk from the Bible by Pastor Justin. If you're joining us for the first time, we won't embarrass you, have you stand up, or ask you for money. We know you might want to be "anonymous” for a while and that’s totally fine with us. But don't be surprised if, during your time with us, you feel inspired to take a next step in your faith. That's what the singing and the preaching are all about!

  • Don't forget about the kids!

    We want church to be a place where your entire family is encouraged to draw closer to Christ—your kids included! During our Sunday morning service we offer safe, fun and engaging environments where kids (Infants through 5th grade) can learn and grow in faith as well.

    When you arrive, our Check-In team will be ready to welcome you, request some basic contact information, and make sure you know the ins & outs of Fieldstone Kids.

Sit Apart.

Worship Together.

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