Justin Powell & Family

Justin is a lifelong Michigander, having spent significant portions of time on the West Michigan lakeshore, Metro Detroit, and Grand Rapids. He grew up as a pastor's kid and comes from a family with a strong legacy of serving in the church. Now, with 15+ years of ministry experience in churches of varying sizes and contexts, Justin has developed into a bit of a "jack-of-all-trades" pastor; a characteristic that fits well within the framework of a call to church planting. In his free time, Justin will most likely be found deer hunting, officiating a high school basketball game, plowing through a non-fiction best seller, or speaking in his native tongue...sarcasm!

Cathi was born and raised in the Grand Rapids area (Wyoming); the youngest of five in a family of firefighters who also owned a small community bakery. She grew up heavily involved in athletics, earned All-American honors in multiple sports in college, and her high level of achievement in that arena still plays a major role into her adult life. Cathi loves to laugh, loves to spend time with her closest friends, and those core relationships run extremely deep. She spends much of her time coaching/mentoring, and looking forward to the next televised Duke basketball game.

Justin & Cathi met at Cornerstone University and were married in 2005. Since then, their daughter Halle (7) and son Talon (6) joined the party. They are the most energetic, fun, and flexible kids you'll ever meet. Watching them grow up, and navigating the "young family" season with them, has helped shape their passion for other young couples and helped them see what a truly vital season of life it really is.

The Powells have devoted themselves to taking what was planted in them throughout their lives, and reinvesting that into others.  While they work hard to enjoy life, they strive to put themselves in position to hear from God and ultimately do their best to respond to his leading. And they are ready for this adventure!