Fieldstone Kids Pre-Registration

This is the place to prepare for your first visit to Fieldstone Kids and maybe even save yourself a few minutes! Complete the Pre-Registration form below and we will have your info already in our computer check-In system when you arrive on your first Sunday with us. And even if you don't get a chance, we will have our 1st-Time-Guest table ready to welcome your family, get some vital information from you, and make sure your kids are set up for success.


Some important notes:

*When planning for Sunday morning, please allow for a few minutes to check-in and leave your kids in their classroom, with enough time to get to your seat in the auditorium.

*If you submit a pre-registration form, or if your kids have been to Fieldstone before, you can head right to our computer check-in kiosks instead of visiting our Guest Table.

*There's a good chance we'll follow up with you after your visit to get your feedback and maybe a few more tidbits of information so we can serve your family better.

*If a pre-registration form is submitted AFTER Saturday at 12:00pm, we cannot guarantee your information will be entered into the computer check-in system by Sunday morning. But we'll do our best!